Push times for Tri-X 35mm in Rodinal 1:50

Just putting this up here as a note to myself for developing later. Will edit the post once images are developed and scanned… i’m predicting a LOT of contrast, no shadow detail and grain upon grain… mmmm…

Rodinal 1:50 for TX400 – push

ISO 800 – 20 minutes

ISO 1600 – 30 minutes

ISO 3200 – 40 minutes

Iso 6400 – 55 minutes

Agitation: 5 inversions every 5 minutes – gentle agitation. I’m determined to get a good Rodinal – Tri-X developing regime in place, and these are times that I’ve found mentioned on a few different forums and will be my initial tests. My last lot of stand developed negatives just looked a little ‘soft’ which I found odd – though that could be partially due to over-exposure.


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