my daily carry


1969 Leica M4, Leica Summilux 35mm F1.4 v2 & Sekonic L-308 meter.

This little rangefinder travels with me everywhere I go, coupled with an old 35mm F1.4 Summilux (a.k.a: The greatest lens I have ever used). The ‘lux is an impossibly small lens with a propensity to flare & never really be that sharp wide open, but adds so much character & charm to the images it creates. For me it really sings with a yellow filter mounted, loaded in to the battered lens hood which screws apart to accept Series 7 filters.

Being serviced & repaired many times before I purchased it the focusing is quiet stiff, there where problems with the lens barrel & focusing helical so it was reassembled tightly otherwise it could slip out of alignment. I was told if I could acquire a donor lens barrel I could get it repaired, that was almost 10 years ago & it’s been fine apart from being stiffer than normal which I don’t mind as I can set the focus distance without fear of bumping it.

Tucked inside the camera on its worn base plate is a small sticker label, yellowed with age, that reads 18 Feb ’71.

I have no idea of the label’s meaning aside from guessing it’s a service date of some kind. The camera’s origin is a bit of a mystery, a previous owner said it had been a news press camera in Chicago (from memory), but the fact the label has been there for 47 years undisturbed has prevented me from removing it; a little piece of its past to great me every time I reload.


2 thoughts on “my daily carry

  1. Great classic rangefinder! And a awesome lens, I would like to have one 😉 . Well I guess I should save some money first.
    I really like your captures, greets from Vienna!

    1. thanks so much Peter, the old 35 Summilux’s are getting more expensive these days but are such a great little lens IMO. very compact.

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